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Acts and their Cats: Labyrinth Ear

January 4, 2015

Originally posted on the 405


This feature is taken from our Autumn schedule.

They say don’t work with children or animals, but this ‘they’ are not aware of the 405’s obsession for all things cat-related.

For our brand new photo feature series, we’re setting up photoshoots with musicians and their feline companions. So what better way to begin than with passionate cat fans Labyrinth Ear – Emily even draws pictures of her and Tom’s cats (which are included in the gallery below). Also be sure to check out their Instagram, which is pretty cat-centric.

Tim Boddy was on hand for the dramatic shoot that began in the living room – however two of the cats got rather camera shy and did not want to be there…

Acts and their Cats: Labyrinth Ear
Acts and their Cats: Labyrinth Ear
Acts and their Cats: Labyrinth Ear

…Following this a neighbourhood stray cat, and a total beast of a cat, Tigger, we Read more…

The 405 meets iamamiwhoami

January 4, 2015

Originally posted on the 405


Videography, editing and additional photography by Tim Boddy

Original Artwork by Mark Belan

“Without you, I am who?,” asks Jonna Lee on ‘Blue Blue’, the doubly-eponymous title track from iamamiwhoami‘s third album. The ‘you’ here is a reference to the followers of the Swedish audio-visual wonder merchants, depicted in their latest series as black-clad, faceless figures. This lyric echoes the not-so-thin line that runs through all of iamamiwhoami’s work, to date, embracing a very close kinship with a curious, engaged and loyal audience.

Cemented organically as something of a coterie from the very beginning of the project five years ago, iamamiwhoami’s fan-base has, at least in part, also made the ten-song set and its visual siblings financially possible through GENERATE, a monetised contribution platform on Lee’s label, To Whom It May Concern‘s website, earlier this year.

BLUE is, in some ways, iamamiwhoami’s most straight-forward, discovery-friendly and mainstream release, but one which nevertheless stands as pioneering. The songwriting cleverly manages to universalise lyrics which, in essence, pertain to iamamiwhoami’s evolution and interaction with its supporters, so that unsuspecting listeners can easily surmise their own meanings and stories from Lee’s words. The production and arrangements avoid predictability and reconfigure the electro-pop genre’s blueprints into something that is always fresh and never dull. Read more…

Because the Internet needs another album of the year list… 2014

December 30, 2014

Albums of 2014 list

Back due to popular demand (I think one person asked) here are my Albums of 2014, to prove that I’m still relevant. I’ve once again assigned a .gif to the top 25 albums that best sum up my feelings on the respective album, as you know, buzzfeedification of the Internet and all of that. See my 2013 list here.

Also I’ve included a bunch of albums below these that I also enjoyed, but didn’t quite do it for me for whatever reason (or I haven’t listened to enough yet).

1) Wild Beasts – Present Tense

2) East India Youth – Total Strife Forever

3) Adult Jazz – Gist Is Read more…

Listen to a new track from The Radio Dept., ‘Death to Fascism’ [Track of the Day]

September 10, 2014

The Radio Dept 2014

The Radio Dept.

They’re the kind of band that makes me spout massively fanboy-esque sentences such as the following (when talking to someone who’s ignorant of their beautiful dreamy warm ball of fuzz-sound): “I’m so envious you’ve never heard of them before, in that you can listen to their entire catalogue for the first time that is something I’ll never be able to do unless I sustain a serve head trauma. Which I’m kind of hoping may actually happen.”

Every comedown becomes bearable. Solace is taken from break-ups. You’ll become nostalgic for places and events you haven’t even been to or experienced. You geddit. File under titanic feels. Read more…

Behind The Scenes with Perfume Genius at Chats Palace

August 28, 2014

Last night Mike Hadreas, aka Perfume Genius, played a very special show at the intimate Chats Palace in Homerton – with only 100 tickets available for on-the-ball fans.

We sent our Photo/Video Editor Tim Boddy to document the occasion with these Behind The Scenes snaps and portraits, where he, alongside the utterly respectful crowd (hey Visions Festival crowd that is a dig at you) lost litres of liquid via tears and sweat. Yes it was emotional, and very hot. With a full band set-up, PG played a selection of new material from forthcoming album Too Bright that’s out September 22nd – do make sure to watch the video for lead single ‘Queen’ as it’s stunning. Further instructions: also make sure to catch him on his upcoming UK tour this autumn for some intense feels.

BTS: Perfume Genius

BTS: Perfume Genius

BTS: Perfume Genius

Read more…

My Favourite Place In London: PAWWS

July 30, 2014

This feature is taken from our End of Summer season.

When I talk to Lucy Taylor, aka PAWWS, her voice fills with joy and cheerfulness when she discusses her love for Alexandra Palace. “I’m from North London, not too far from Ally Pally and I used to go there all the time when I was a teenager, with my friends. We’d go ice skating, there’s a huge ice skating rink there and it’s got, I think, the best views of London. If you go to the top of the hill you can see the whole of London. I still live really close, about a five minute walk, and I go there every weekend for a little walk. It’s got a nice little boating lake, there’s a deer enclosure there as well and on Bonfire Night, they have a big firework display. There are loads of gigs there too, so it’s really cool.”

Taylor was born in North London and apart from spot stays in East London, and strangely the opposite side of the world in Australia, she’s always lived in the surrounding area, partly as she loves to be close to her family. “I’m originally from Friern Barnet and I’ve lived there most of my life. I did sort of live in Australia for a while, but apart from that, I’ve always lived around north London. I love it around here. I did live in east London for a little while but it didn’t feel right! I love North London, it’s my home and my parents still live here and I like being near them.” In fact, it might be her parents that installed the love for Ally Pally that she has. “I used to go with my mum and dad. There’s a really cool playground there, we used to go on the pedalos and feed the ducks. My earliest memory really is going with my mum and dad to see the fireworks, they always had really good fireworks and it gets really busy. When I was a teenager I’d go down there with my mates. There are gardens where we used to sit around and chat.”



A classically trained piano player and flutist, Taylor started her musical career as the keyboard player for Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke during his solo stints. In fact, they met as she was Read more…

Playlist: Music for your face // May/June 2014 mostly

July 8, 2014

June playlist 2014

Here’s a bunch of tracks I’ve enjoyed recently. Features new La Roux, How To Dress Well & Jessie Ware. Features two of my newer favourite acts in Years & Years & Jungle. Features a couple of gorgeous acoustic numbers – one from Karen O via the Her soundtrack, and a cover of ‘Melancholy Hill’ (Gorillaz) that I found. And features some other bangers, just because (I’m looking at you Ariana Grande).

Also features some terrible disposable snaps taken in May/June from a camera I got developed, for no reason.


CNV00003 CNV00013* Read more…