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About me

I like music.

I like photography.

I like to combine both when possible…

Often through the use of this glorious site where I do semi-regular work as Photo/Video Editor, which I’m honoured to be apart of:

This blog is mainly just about putting all my stuff in one place (when I remember to post things, which is never), such as new music ramblings, live music photos, music videos I’m involved in, miscellaneous video projects, music sessions/interviews that I shoot, reviews, personal photography – so expect posts to be an inconsistent, self-indulgent mess. You will normally find me at gigs across London, or in my flat, as that’s where I live.

Me, apparently

I have had music-related photography or writing published in: The Guardian (Print & Online), The Independent (Online), The 405 (Online), The Quietus (Online), The British Journal of Photography (Print & Online), Noisey (Online), Clash Magazine (Print), Which? Magazine (Print & Online), XYZ Magazine (Print & Online), Don’t Panic (Online), and Stool Pigeon (Online).

If you need a photographer/videographer for anything music-related, promo related, anything, give us a shout and I’m sure I’ll be able to help.


Feel free to add me on any of the social network things that you find on these pages, and we can have a pleasant chat if you fancy, as you seem nice.

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