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Listen to a new track from The Radio Dept., ‘Death to Fascism’ [Track of the Day]

September 10, 2014

The Radio Dept 2014

The Radio Dept.

They’re the kind of band that makes me spout massively fanboy-esque sentences such as the following (when talking to someone who’s ignorant of their beautiful dreamy warm ball of fuzz-sound): “I’m so envious you’ve never heard of them before, in that you can listen to their entire catalogue for the first time that is something I’ll never be able to do unless I sustain a serve head trauma. Which I’m kind of hoping may actually happen.”

Every comedown becomes bearable. Solace is taken from break-ups. You’ll become nostalgic for places and events you haven’t even been to or experienced. You geddit. File under titanic feels.

Our heroes from Sweden provide the kind of noise that is the sonic equivalent of being spooned. Though the electronic shoegaze-y three-piece have not released any new material in three-and-a-half years that they did so via Passive Aggressive: Singles 2002–2010 (which in itself consisted mostly of older material).

BUT. But but but. Today has seen a new number emerge online titled ‘Death to Fascism’, which continues their occasional trend to grab a vocal sample and have fun with it – in this case here using it on a loop to form the bulk of the track as an amiable wall of feedback swirls over and does its sweet, sweet thing.

It’s available to download via Labrador Records’ Soundcloud and I suggest you do just that. But why now all of a sudden? Well, let’s just say the timing of the Swedish Elections this Sunday is surely of no coincidence.

The cover photo features the slogan “Smrt fašizmu, sloboda narodu!” from a wall in Split. Translation (from Croatian): “Death to fascism, freedom to the people!” – a phrase that became popular following the death of Croatian Partisan Stjepan Filipović in 1942. So yes I think this song may be somewhat political somehow.

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