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Photo update #1: Iceland

June 17, 2014

Iceland photo project - tim boddy

I’ve let my photographic/artistic practice slide over the past year or so, so here I am on a mission to post something photography-related on a WEEKLY basis – either in relation to my own work (new or old) or something that inspires me.

It’s half an act of self-promotion in all honesty, and half an act of getting into the habit of engaging with photo-based art forms once again.

So my first post is all about looking back at a project based on my visits to Iceland that I’ve imaginatively titled: Iceland. I’ve been fortunate enough over the past three years to visit for Iceland Airwaves with the 405 (though I did not manage to take any photos last time due to video work), and used the opportunity to take photos not explicitly of the festival in a standard gig photography manner, but of the periphery of the festival with my medium format film camera. The people. The details. The city. The country. And of places I cannot pronounce.

It’s relatively broad in terms of imagery and not a hugely “tight” project as it’s based mostly in me having fun with my camera. Although having said that, my plan has been to convey an outsider’s perspective of the country by highlighting – even exaggerating – a cliched view that many of us non-Icelanders have of the island via these images; you know that ethereal quality, and charming as hell. Or something.

Here’s a 2012-only version published on the 405

The full (well ongoing) project can be found on my website here – and below are a selection of images from it.

Reykjavík 'burb

Blue Lagoon

Iceland Airwaves 2012

Faktory people





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