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Watch Jetta perform ‘Operators’ live for 405tv

June 15, 2014


It’s a fair indicator that the industry has earmarked you for greatness when the never ageing ‘happy’ hat-stand Pharrell Williams produces the title-track from your forthcoming EP. Along with the aforementioned Pharrell fighting her corner, she’s also been tipped for success by the likes of iTunes and Rolling Stone Magazine. Impressive.

Having grown up amongst the rich musical heritage of Liverpool, she began singing in local choirs aged eight. These humble beginnings lead to spells as a backing vocalist for the likes of Cee Lo Green, until late 2012 when she uploaded a video (shot on her iPhone) of herself signing ‘Start A Riot’ (her own track). This eventually led to the singer joining mega-label, Universal.

Jetta has become well known for her powerhouse vocal performances (anyone who caught her at this year’s SXSW can attest to that), however she reveals a more reserved and delicate side in her elegant rendition of ‘Operators’ for 405tv.

As always we recommend you sit back, relax and please watch in fullscreen 1080p HD whenever possible. We didn’t film this session on iPhones btw.

Created by Stephen Bevan & Tim Boddy

Sound Mix by Jake Murray

Filmed at Box Studio, Location 18

Jetta is set to release her debut Crescendo EP – filled with anthemic alternative-pop music to soundtrack your summer months – on July 1st via Polydor Records.

You can also keep up to date with Jetta on her twitter and Facebook, if you are socially inclined.

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