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405tv Session: Antwerp – ‘Blue Marble’

December 4, 2013

Originally posted on the 405


London-based producer Antwerp creates electronic music via his laptop that makes you happy to be alive.

Normally such a statement would require a ‘Citation Needed’ note – well, his summer EP release Myriad Shapes is your citation, boasting five elective tracks that dips its toes in range of genres pools while holding a universal theme of entrenched forward-thinking soundscapes and beats.

As we like to do with music that we enjoy, we decided to film a session; and fortunately ended up utilising a gorgeous setting, as he performed ‘Blue Marble’ (taken from the EP) on a canal boat in Hackney as the sun set, with Nico (the real name) doing what he does best on the shimmering water. Not a bad way to spend a beautiful summer’s night.

Watch out for the, er, ‘drop’.

You can watch the session below, or via our TV Section. It’s also available via our Youtube page (please watch in HD when possible).

Created by Tim Boddy & Stephen Bevan

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