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Under The Influence: Roosevelt

August 16, 2013


Marius Lauber is a talented Cologne-based electronic producer, who wants to take you on the most blissful, sun-kissed journey to that disco-ball in the sky.

He does this under the name of Roosevelt. Our ears first met with the delightful soundwaves of his via groove-tastic ‘Sea’, the first single from Roosevelt to appear on Greco-Roman; ‘Around You’ followed this up earlier this year that was equally as engaging though arguably with a slightly darker edge. And in future news, an EP titled Elliot is set for an early October release also on Greco-Roman, which will feature brand-spanking new tracks ‘Montreal’ and ‘Elliot’.

We asked Marius to show us some of his influences, that includes the legendary Arthur Russell, whilst describing his chosen track as one that “floats somewhere between darkest depression and highest euphoria.” Perfect. Roosevelt appears on Greco-Roman’s first ever label compilation We Make Colourful Music Because We Dance In The Dark that is out this week.

Change – ‘Glow Of Love’

I remember listening to this a lot when I became more and more obsessed with dance music. Coming from a more guitar-music background, that was one of a few important tracks for me in that transition.

Justus Köhncke – ‘Ela’n’

Cologne has always been the next big city to my home town, so when I moved there after school I started to get hugely influenced by everything from Kompakt – the label was and still is really present in the whole night life of the city. Especially tracks from Justus Köhncke, Supermayer or COMA, they kind of opened my mind to how melodic, elegant and low-key a track can be, without losing its dancefloor-ability in the middle of a club night.

Arthur Russell – ‘Get Around To It’

There is just something magical about Arthur Russell that I can’t really describe, and it catches me everytime I hear it. For me the special thing about his music has always been the kind of borderline feel to it – it seems like it floats somewhere between darkest depression and highest euphoria.

P. Lion – ‘Dream’

I got really into early 80s Italo Disco music when I recorded the first Roosevelt tracks 2 years ago – I’m really picky though, a lot of the stuff is a bit over the top and too much for me, but P. Lion is definitely one of my favourites. This also happens to be the coolest TV performance I have ever seen.

Metro Area – ‘Atmosphrique’

When it comes to implementing a disco-ey feel in club context, Metro Area tracks have always been the sound I looked up to. Their productions have this incredible balance of dry drums and big cosmic synth-spaces. I just recently shared a stage with them at a festival which felt weird!

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