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Exclusive listen to ‘The Party At Johannes’s’ by Phil Gerus

August 13, 2013

Ting In Boots Vol 2

We’ve had our twitchy eye on London-based Indie label Push & Run pretty much since their inception in 2011, with our ears fully embracing them via Tings In Boots Vol 1 – their first bootleg.

The collection of tracks featured that rather gargantuan number by Ifan Dafydd, you know the one with the chopped and screwed Amy Winehouse vocals titled ‘No Good’. Well Vol 2. is out today and once again boasts a strong line-up including Dafydd alongside Catching Flies, Goldlines, Cardioze, Jon Phonics, Parisian – and a track we’re exclusively streaming here by Phil Gerus.

Gerus grew up in Moscow where he was classically trained as a pianist, and here with ‘The Party At Johannes’s’ produces an exquisite chunk of refined house for your foot-tapping and brain tinkering needs.

The Push & Run label is so named after a style of football developed in the very late 1940’s by Spurs manager Arthur Rowe, which involved “quickly laying the ball off to a teammate and running past the marking tackler to collect the return pass. It proved an effective way to move the ball at pace, with players’ positions and responsibility being fluid.” Anyways this seemed like a particular apt analogy to transfer to this track by Gerus – a snappy, direct and fluid number all wrapped up in a touch of class. Fidgety, yet smooth. Push and run.

Download it here for FREE, and the entire Vol 2 will be drip-released over the course of this week – check Push & Run for more details.


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