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Predisposed at a Market // Found at Independent Label Market 2013

August 10, 2013

Independent Label Market 2013Last month, or more precisely on Saturday 13th July, a plethora of our favourite labels set up stall inside Old Spitalfields Market as part of Independent Label Market, the fourth such event of its kind following the Christmas 2012 edition.

The event is a celebration of the UK’s best indie labels, packed full of special releases, cut price deals, and an abundance of free cakes, sweets, and other goodies. This years edition also featured an abundance of sweat; falling on the hottest day of the year (at the time) in a greenhouse of a market.

Regular readers will be familiar with our “Predisposed at a…” project where we drop off a disposable camera with instructions for anyone who comes into contact with it to take a photo, pass it on, and to return it back to us when the roll is complete. It only sometimes works, many cameras are forever lost in the ether. The last successful one is the series was a hoot, at Deerhunter ATP. But kudos to Independent Label Market goers who got into the spirit and took the following snaps of the perspiring music fans/label people, and more importantly for subsequently returning the camera to us (well, kudos to Toby McCarron more specifically for this). Watch out for some 405-ers, East India Youth and Bo Ningen.

Independent Label Market 2013 - Spitalfields, London

Independent Label Market 2013 - Spitalfields, London

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