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405tv Session: Tall Ships – ‘Phosphorescence’

August 3, 2013

Tall Ships-Phosphorescence-session

The 405 spent much of The Great Escape in Brighton running around pointing our cameras in the faces of musicians, and this is the first such video to be unveiled (read our review of the weekend here).

Tall Ships made the Top 10 in our Albums of 2012, so it was a total pleasure to film a track from debut LP Everything Touching that we described at the time as “a fantastic snapshot of a band who’ve just reached their prime; taking the listener by the hand through a wonderful and vibrant Wizard of Oz-like world full of thumping math rock rhythms and muscular, blister-inducing riffage.” Guitar music is dead so says the tedious/trolling debate – but that’s only ‘cos Tall Ships are killing it.

Our session is very much different from the above description – with frontman Ric Phethean transforming the track as he performs a haunting, acoustic version of ‘Phosphorescence’ for us that made us want to run into the English Channel crying our little hearts out. Watch the delicate gem here.

You can watch the session below, or via our TV Section. It’s also available via our Youtube page (please watch in HD when possible).

Created by Tim Boddy & Stephen Bevan
Sound mix by Ed Blow

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