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Under The Influence: Saa

July 25, 2013

Under The Influence-Saa

Asher Levitas of Old Apparatus fame and Norwegian avant-garde vocalist Linn Carin Dirdal make up Saa in a classic boy/girl producer/vocals move – but executed with a gorgeous and immersive aplomb.

We featured ‘Against Interpretation‘ at the start of the year, and thankfully now an EP has emerged from the project that is simply titled Saa. The EP is to be released on the label of label of Throwing Snow, Left Blank, on 9th July so make sure you hand over some money for that, but for now have a listen to the EP stream below.

We asked Linn and Asher of Saa to discuss five tracks that have influenced their sound – well, four tracks and a Delia Smith video.

John Martyn – Small Hours

Linn: Something about the mood, the simplicity, the lyrics… How to create more with less. I’m a big fan of John Martyn’s work, but forgot about this one until hearing it again when watching the Johnny Too Bad documentary a while back. I think someone referred to the song as a ”hymn to the night”. So true.

Kate Bush – Delia Smith’s Cookery Course

Linn: I listen to Kate Bush’s music over and over and I always find new favourite sections and details. That’s how music should be. She makes the best pop, yet never seems to compromise on anything – I guess that’s the main inspiration for me. I flip between albums, and become even more fond of her when stumbling across clips like this.

Vangelis – I Can’t Take it Anymore

Linn: Growing up I had a very ambivalent relationship to Vangelis for some reason. Then I watched Blade Runner and realised I’d been missing out big time. I’ve been giving the Vangelis back catalogue a massive hug ever since.

Linda Perhacs – Parallelograms

Asher: The whole record is beautiful, but the title track for me is my favourite I think. Lovely ephemeral yet haunting layered vocals merge transform into something twisted and possessed. It also made me vomit on a bus once.

Sun Ra – antique blacks – There is change in the air

Asher: My friend Andres gave me 20gb of music when I was in college (which at the time was so much music – a whole hard drive of music probably) and this was on it. I think it made me feel inspired and ok about putting clashing and chaotic sounds together, which for me at the time was great as I had no idea how to make music really and was just messing about with fruity loops. Also really like the lyrics.

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