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Ifan Dafydd – ‘Llonydd’ (feat. Alys Williams) [Listen]

April 19, 2013

Ifan Dafydd - Llonydd

Ifan Dafydd is a hellish clumsy murderer; in that the ‘hot’, precocious young producer is once again ‘killing it’ having ‘dropped’ a mighty fine new track.

You may remember his first break surfaced around two years ago with the release of ‘No Good’, a very James Blake-esque track featuring sampled Amy Winehouse vocals, but executed with a tidy and slightly disturbing aplomb.

After a quiet 2012 the boy from Wales has returned with two mighty fine cuts; ‘Celwydd’ that hit the Internet earlier this year and now with ‘Llonydd’ (roughly translated as ‘still’). Both are to feature on a vinyl compilation collated by Recordiau Lliwgar, with both of Dafydd’s tracks using vocals by Alys Williams where he effectively treats the vox as an instrument as is the trend du jour these days (see Lapalux for a further masterclass in this area). On the basis of these two hugely exciting turns coupled with past form in terms of original tracks and remixes, the young Welsh producer is one of the most promising talents in the electronic scene in UK right now.

The compilation that includes songs by some of Wales’ leading artists is out now in double 10″ form. Get it from Recordiau Lliwgar.

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