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James Holden announces new album, The Inheritors

April 17, 2013

James Holden - Gone Feral

Only the other day I tweeted something like ‘if you vaguely enjoy any kind of electronic music and you don’t have James Holden – At The Controls, then you’re doing it wrong.’

Truth be told it’s not even his finest work, though it was an album that was important to me personally as it coincided when I first started going out and experiencing this kind of music in the flesh. A club kid as the cool kids call it. Your first love always sticks right? At around the same time as this mix CD for the now defunct mix series At The Controls in 2006, the electronic producer released debut LP The Idiots Are Winning and propelled him to revered levels in this world alongside fellow label-mate Nathan Fake, Four Tet, and even Boards of Canada.

Now finally we have a follow-up to The Idiots Are Winning in the shape of second LP The Inheritors announced today – with a new track ‘Gone Feral’ unveiled that is currently available for a free download. It’ll take you to a modular synth heaven, as the immersive weirdo analogue tones seemingly pulse through your body whilst stimilating the head wildly, a fraction before the point of brain implosion.

The Inheritors is out on 17 June via Border Community on vinyl/digital/ CD forms, with ‘Gone Feral’ out on 8 April also on vinyl.

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