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My Panda Shall Fly & Adventure Elephant – ‘Opening Brace’

April 5, 2013

Every time we post a video from My Panda Shall Fly we open by mentioning how bizarrely brilliant the said video is, so consider this opening some kind of meta-comment on how we always mention how bizarrely brilliant his videos are.

Suren Seneviratne (the real name) has once again put on his jaunty collaborative hat by teaming up with fellow London-producer Adventure Elephant for new track ‘Opening Brace’, and the surreal, hilarious, and subtly warped video that tracks ‘a day in the life’ of MPSF is a must view if you dig a bit of weirdness. It’s shot on 16mm with Chris Toumazou on directing duties and is probably horrible viewing if you’re really stoned.

The 7″ will be released via Tape Club Records on 25th March and can be preordered now – and is also available in digital form if you’re that kind of person.

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