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Black Polygons – ‘Whisper’ [Listen]

March 6, 2013

Track of the Day on The 405 recently

Black Polygons_Whisper

This stunning track seemingly feel from the sky, being that I have absolutely zero recollection or e-paper trail as to where it came from – in film theory this plot device is given the name deus ex machina (literally translated form Latin as “god from the machine”).

Anyways, the film theme is an apt one as the work of Black Polygons is a hugely cinematic experience that should be soundtracking acutely emotional scenes in the most engrossing zen-like releases. The swirling, tranquil sounds present are remarkably simple in many ways, though still manage to behold a resplendent, abundant atmosphere akin to a blissful bout of hypnagogia on the crispest cloud, with ‘Whisper’ in particular one of the finest two and a half minutes of sound that you will hear this year. Parisian Cyril Rampal is the brains behind the project that displays an astonishing ability to tap into an otherworldly, ambient-bathed electronica that recalls Eno at his most hair-tingling in terms of mood, without technically sounding or using his style. Grouper diving into a vortex.

‘Whisper’ is taken from forthcoming album Accalmie (French for period of calm), and is out February 18th. Download ‘Whisper’ via Black Ploygon’s Bandcamp for free, and let’s hope that the album is just as powerful.

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