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405tv Interview: On An On

February 28, 2013

Myself and Max Sanderson created this interview for the 405.
For a better experience, view it large and in HD here.
Header photograph by me.

On An On

Back in late 2012 when various editors of The 405 were hurling various names into our bottomless pit of a hat – in between bouts of vicious eye-gauging and highly immature name-calling – to ascertain who would get a place in Our Ones To Watch 2013 list, one that never seemed in doubt was On An On.

The Mid-west Indie-poppers having only released a couple of tracks at that time in the form of ‘Ghosts’ and ‘The Hunter‘ are now due to release their debut album Give In. We caught-up with the trio of Nate Eiesland, Alissa Ricci, and Ryne Estwing over some tea at Birthdays in Dalston prior to their show that we photographed here, where they talked-up the latest album, working with legendary producer Dave Newfeld (he of Broken Social Scene producing fame) and life under their previous incarnation as Shattered Trees.

Give In is out on March 4th via City Slang.

You can watch the interview below, or via our TV Section. It’s also available via our Youtube page (please watch in HD when possible).

Created by Tim Boddy & Max Sanderson

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