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405tv Interview: Thee Attacks at Iceland Airwaves

January 23, 2013

Myself and Stephen Bevan created this session for the 405.
For a better experience, view it large and in HD here.

Thee Attacks by Tim Boddy

A few months back in Hurricane Sandy hit Reykjavík, The 405 interviewed Danish fourpiece Thee Attacks at Iceland Airwaves, where they discussed their latest album Dirty Sheets and their friendship with Olympic and Tour De France hero Bradley Wiggins.

In addition to this, prior to the interview we learned that it was was the energetic garage-rockers first time on the island of ice and fire, and so we only thought it fair to introduce them to a local ‘tradition’ that is available in local stores and cafes. Hákarl is a food (if it can be called that) that consists of rotted shark meat that is usually hung out to dry for four to five months and placed in an underground hole.

It is know for it’s incredibly foul stench and equally rancid taste – so of course we challenged the members of Thee Attacks to indulge in some bought freshly from a supermarket.

You can watch the session below, or via our TV Section. It’s also available via our Youtube page (please watch in HD when possible).

Dirty Sheets is out now on Crunchy Frog Records – whilst Iceland Airwaves have announced the first lot of acts for the 2013 festival today.

Created by Nick Miners & Tim Boddy

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