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Tracks of 2012

December 28, 2012

Tracks of 2012

Hmmm. Where to even start with these things? It’s simply a superb time to be a music fan with the wealth of quality that’s out there in any number of (splintered) genres, all at the access of our little grubby bacteria-ridden appendages.

I’ve created a playlist of my Top 20 tracks of the year with a handy new Soundcloud set-thing that aren’t in any particular order, followed by loads of other tracks that on a different day may have been in the top bunch (or tracks that weren’t on Soundcloud). My albums of the year are coming soon in a list that’s a bit different from this mere list of songs; much of these are quite poppy/electronic/lo-fi scuzzy/immediate, the album listening experience (for me) is more about a cohesive piece of work with an artistic merit that can grip the listener for it’s entirety. Well if it’s any good that is. Therefore as much as I love Scott Walker for example none of his singular tracks are here, but you can bet your bollocks he will be in my album list.

So yeah whilst it’s all a bit ephemeral, I’ve spent far too much time in sourcing/listening to/reading about new music this year so I hope this is useful to at least one human out there.

Anyways enjoy, here’s a bunch of music basically. 87 tracks if you must know.

ps each one is hyperlinked to the track so no excuses for not listening.

The Top 20

Wild Nothing – ‘Paradise’ – I said that these weren’t in any order really, but this is definitely my number one. Chose it as one of my pick for Chairman Kato’s Focus Group earlier this year, and have played the perfect piece of broody synthy-pop incessantly since release.

Liars – No.1 Against the Rush – I said that these weren’t in any order really, but this is definitely number two (despite being called number one, nice try Liars). Moreish.

John Talabot – ‘Destiny’ – Loads of sites have chosen the final track ‘So will Be Now’ in their lists that is also a belter (well the whole of ƒIN is really) but I prefer this.

AlunaGeorge – ‘Your Drums’ – Wow. Sexy.

Colours – ‘Drip Haze’

Perfume Genius – ‘Hood’ – “You would neverrr caaaa-aaaall me baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby”

Kindess – ‘Cyan’

SPLASHH – ‘All I Wanna Do’

Clams Casino – ‘Human’

Lapalux – ‘Moments’ (featuring Py)

Blawan – ‘Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage’ – Worth the inclusion for the bizarre and macabre title alone; the best question asked in a song title since ‘What’s she going to look like with a chimney on her’. Twisted, scary techno.

Kendrick Lamar – ‘Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe’ – Hard to pick just one track from good kid, m.A.A.d city as a) There are a lot of strong tracks and b) Each track taken singularly looses something a bit given the brilliant conceptual nature of the album as a coherent package, each track part of the chronological tapestry of Lamar’s Compton life.

Teen – ‘Better’

East India Youth – ‘Heaven How Long’ – One of our Ones To Watch for 2013 where I wrote some words on his lovely work.

How To Dress Well – ‘Ocean Floor For Everything’ – Taken from stunning r ‘n b-inspired album Total Loss that is a devastating and genuinely emotive listen. Though I actually like ‘World I Need You, Won’t Be Without You‘ more – an instrumental track that essentially acts as an interlude exactly half-way through the album (though it’s not on Soundcloud innit)

Sharon Van Etten – ‘We Are Fine’ (Tourist remix) – Wowowow.

S O H N – ‘The Wheel’

Laurel Halo – ‘Carcass’ – Scary

Holy Other – ‘Held’ – Scary-step

Dadub – ‘Moksha’

The Rest

Iceland Airwaves 2012

Perfume Genius – ‘AWOL Marine’

BICEP – ‘Vision of Love’

Jacques Green ft. Koreless- ‘Arrow’

Lemonade – ‘Neptune’

Toy – ‘Motoring’

Factory Floor – Two Different Ways (Perc Remix) – What happens when a nihilistic-techo force meets an abrasive industrial object. Turn this up loud and cry/bleed it’s amazing.

Burial – ‘Kindred’

Best Friends – ‘Wasting Time’

Purity Ring – ‘Fineshrine’ – Lovely creepy-pop “Get a little closer, let fold/Cut open my sternum, and pull/My little ribs around you”

Doldrums – ‘Egypt’ – This is ridiculous live, phenomenal energy.

Nicolas Jaar – ‘The Ego’ – Jaar gets silly

Darkstar – ‘Timeaway’ – Bodes well for their 2nd album out in February

Brolin – ‘Another Year’ AND ‘NYC

Savages – ‘Husbands’

NZCA/Lines – ‘Okinawa Channels’

Van She – ‘Jamaica’ – Pretend it’s summer with good-time calapyso electro-pop

FaltyDL – ‘Hardcourage’

Camera – ‘Ausland’

RxGibbs – ‘Futures’

Fair Ohs – ‘Salt Flats’

Gang Colours – ‘Fill Me In’ – YES A CRAG DAIIVID COVER

Diana – ‘Born Again’ – Love this

Aneon – ‘This Is What I Meant’ – Ambientnom

Tall Ships – ‘Gallop’ – “Before you know/You’re getting old/And losing touch“. Thanks for the reminder guys

Perfect hair forever – ‘Be My Steady’

Porcelain Raft – ‘Unless You Speak From Your Heart’

Becoming Real – ‘Snow Drift Love’

Holy Other – ‘Held’ (Tim Hecker Remix)

Vessel – ‘Dub Something’

Hot Chip – ‘Flutes’ – Hey do you remember when The Warning, Made in the Dark and One Life Stand came out and they kinda soundtracked important parts of your life and they were exciting? And then In Our Heads came out this year and it didn’t and wasn’t? ‘Flutes’ from this album is excellent though.

Pariah – ‘Signal Loss’

Joy Orbison – ‘Ellipsis’

Azealia Banks – ‘1991’

LukeAbbott – ‘Modern Driveway’ – YES

Tyrannosaurus Dead – ‘1992’

Justus Köhncke Remix ft Alexis Taylor – ‘Wonderman’ – Funky, not in the UK-funky sense.

Old Apparatus – ‘Dealow’ Check out their EP trilogy which is a beautiful, sparse and nebulous series

Sauna Youth – ‘PSI Girls’

Andres – ‘New 4 U’

Zombie Zombie – ‘Illuminations’

Playlounge – ‘Boner Hit’ (KEEL HER cover)

Air Drops – ‘Bom Bali Blast’

Slugabed – ‘Mountains’ (Lapalux’s Saturation Remix)

TEEDS – ‘Stronger’

Evian Christ – ‘MYD’

Bondax – ‘It’s You’

Dan Deacon – ‘Lots’

Hauschka – ‘Cube’ (Ricardo Villalobos remix)

Gobby – ‘Viewing HRS’ (ZZZ) – CARTOON TECHNO

Actress – ‘Ascending’

TNGHT – ‘Higher Ground’

Chvrches – ‘The Mother We Share’ – Big pop number. Chvrlotte Chvrches.

Rustie feat. AlunaGeorge – ‘After Light’

MagneticNW – ‘Understand’

Ana Caprix – ‘Control’

Amusement – ‘King Of The World’

Palma Violets – ‘Best of Friends’

Burial – ‘Ashtray Wasp’

Deptford Goth – ‘Union’

Two Inch Punch – ‘Paint It Red’

Cuushe – ‘I Dreamt About Silence’

DANCE – ‘Still’

Holly Herndon – ‘Fade’

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  1. December 28, 2012 21:35

    Great list! I hadn’t heard that Wild Nothings track, and it is definitely great. No. 1 Against The Rush, Hood, Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe, and Human are all amazing songs, great to see them make your list. I will have to dive into the others. Thanks!


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