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Vanilla Hammer – ‘Burning Sand’ [Listen]

December 5, 2012

Originally posted on the 405


patten caused a bit of a stir late last year with the release of marvellous LP GLAQJO XAACSSO, and caused a headache for those who’d prematurely thought they had their End of Year lists nailed down.

We brought you news of his label launch titled Kaleidoscope a few months back, and here Vanilla Hammer takes care of the third release on the deliciously caustic cassette-only imprint. Not too much is known about Vanilla Hammer so instead let’s do ‘Burning Sand’ do the talking, a track that is a highly-textured techno-swamp, full of chunky layers inside driving beats, not before rubbing it’s musty bum on dub-infused appendages. The kind of glorious stuff that you may find on the Perc Trax label.

The seven-track cassette, Retreat, sees a limited release via Kaleidoscope on November 5th and comes with a digital download. What’s more; due to the unique way in which the sound has been recorded, no two cassettes will be the same

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