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DANCE – ‘Still’ [Listen]

November 29, 2012

Originally posted on The 405

Blank Mind are a youthful imprint owned by UK-based Sam Purcell – and it is Sam himself who is behind the third released on the label, under the moniker of DANCE.

Let DANCE take you into a sleepless corner of an abandoned hole in your mind, and allow the 90’s rave-tinged post-euphorics to drip-feed into your kinetic body parts. It’s hugely inspiring stuff chocked full of various genre splices – jungle, deep house, anything 90’s dance-related, but wrapped into a blissful contemporary package.

Previous releases on the label have hailed from Grenada and USA (Sandman’s ‘No Prisoners’ and (DJ Clent’s The Low End Legend EP respectively). This double A-side of ‘Still’/’Ha‘ from DANCE (BLNK003) is super-limited to 300 12”s in only certain record stores, so don’t hang around ya hear?

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