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Recent Photographic Work for The 405

June 14, 2012

I’ve taken far too many photos recently mostly down to festival coverage – and thus have been busy hot-footing between various stages, venues, tents, pubs, churches and even a laundrette at one point. But I’m done for the time-being – the next time I’m at a festival I’ll be carrying my weight in beer and over-priced food, as opposed to over-priced camera gear.

It’s been swell to get time to hang-out with the sexy team of writers of The 405, and see their work on the site and how all our tastes compliment yet differ at the same time (check the various reviews and previews below). And also swell to say hello to other photographers’ too. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to.

Actually scratch that, as I’m going to start off with what the photographers of The 405 were up to in the month of May. It’s one of my favourite features at the mo.

In Photos Special: May 2012

Echo Lake @ Camden Crawl 2012

Photo Article

Camden Crawl

Camden Crawl 2012

In Photos Special

Three Trapped Tigers @ Camden Crawl 2012

The Review

Niki & The Dove @ Camden Crawl 2012

The Preview

Mystery Jets – Brixton Academy, London 18/05/12

Mystery Jets @ Brixton Academy 18/05/12

Mystery Jets @ Brixton Academy 18/05/12

Mystery Jets @ Brixton Academy 18/05/12

The review

The Great Escape

Retro Stefson @ The Great Escape 2012

In Photos Special

Grimes @ The Great Escape 2012

The Review

Odonis Odonis @ The Great Escape 2012

The Preview

In Photos Special: Independent Label Market 2012 – Spitalfields

Independent Label Market 2012

Photo Article

Field Day

Field Day 2012

Preview and Playlist

Field Day 2012

In Photos Special

Field Day 2012

Predisposed at a Festival (actually, this is my favourite feature that appears on The 405 the mo)

And… I was lucky enough to get a 2nd camera back also (two outta four ain’t too shabby)

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