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Ben Browning – ‘Lover Motion’

March 25, 2012

Lover Motion

Mr Ben Browning joined antipodean electro-pop (sun) Gods Cut Copy as bassist, prior to the breakthrough of good-time feel-good smash ‘In Ghost Colours’; and now here is the man with his debut solo release, which has landed on the Cutters label just in time for a supreme summer blast of weather in London town.

It’s essentially Cut Copy-light in many ways, the wireframe pasted from his ‘day job’. This is by no means a negative, oh no. The five-track EP beholds a hugely tangible summer fling vibe, inherently breezy and light – without the grandiose build and weight of an anthemic Cut Copy track; that’s not what it’s setting out to do. Bandmate Dan Whitford lends a talented helping hand to keyboard duties – and boy does it show – warm, frothy space-lazer synths pouring out of every sun-kissed pore, particularly in the bubbly-pop of ‘Feels Like’. We’re even treated to a classic ‘interlude’ track, of what CC have utilised so well under the watchful eye of Tim Goldsworthy.

‘Mistaken Images’ features Browning’s vocals in a mid-Beatles career style of Paul Mccartney, and present is a more melancholic edge; the EP on the whole is more Pet Shop Boys/late Fleetwood Mac good-time fun however – its strength though it’s its naive bouncy and variance of ideas through the tracks. You can check out every track on the Lover Motion below:

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