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Juk Juk – ‘Fall’

March 19, 2012


In whatever field of work you’re in, it’s always a moment when someone whose work you have the utmost respect for compliments you; but for your hero to get involved with what you do is something else. That’s the situation Caleb Waterman found himself in when God-like beat-magnet, Four Tet, signed him up for his Text Records label, under the handle of Juk Juk. What’s more, it’s much deserved.

‘Winter Turn Spring’ wowed the world in August 2011, and now Juk Juk is back with his second fearless outing ‘Unwrap’, alongside B-side ‘Fall’. The 12″ is more of the same – ‘Fall’ is full of lush, layered cuts, though with enough bass-movements and beats to please a dancefloor and soft, chopped vocals looped subtly over the top. As the peculiar bass spikes it’s way across the track, it offers an unnerving, moreish edge aided by the sound levels slowly increasing in this department of bass. Despite this, the feel remains light in ambient terms, like a warped fairytale you know the end too.

Check out the more jazzier and euphoria-dipped ‘Unwrap’ below too – out on the newly created Nommos label on March 19th.

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