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Listen: D/R/U/G/S – ‘Hyperdream Clap’

March 17, 2012

Originally posted on The 405

We were thinking of making the headline to this ‘Free Drugs’ (much like a band that called themselves ‘Free Beer’, and put flyers up all over town their hometown in a desperate bid to attract gig-goers). Instead, what you’re getting here is a free track from D/R/U/G/S, the moniker of Callum Wright.

The 12″ of ‘Connected‘ has been out awhile through Tender Age (Moshi Moshi imprint), and now a track from it, ‘Hyperdream’, is available as a free download from his Soundcloud. As you’d expect from the work of Mr Wright, ‘Hyperdream’ follows the 90’s halcyon days of progressive house, splashed with a softer psychedelic edge. Picture yourself on a dreamy dance-floor tinged with a somewhat melancholic euphoria. Then with that picture, dip it in some fixer chemical and watch the colours swirl and dance.

There are still some 12″‘s kicking about of this; Rough Trade had some at the time of going to publish.

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