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French Kissing – ‘Love Is For’

March 17, 2012

Dalston and it’s garage-rock ay? That’s by no means a snide-swipe by the way – especially when it’s done as well as the trio known as French Kissing.

For the past nearly two years they have laid dormant, probably on a well-graffitied sunny side-street somewhere; but have being making some considerable and lovely noise in the past month, what with the release of double A-side Wild Women/Love Is More due on March 19th. It’ll make you want to jump the train with a plastic bag full of cheap liquor, head to the nearest provincial coastal resort and dick about with a carefree lust on the beach until your skin turns an unhealthy magenta colour; yeah, 60’s-inspired surf-pop at it’s scuzziest and chilled.

The 7″ will be released via French-label Croque Macadam; and if you’re about London-town head to The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington and kid yourself summer is on the way. Jerry Tropicana and The Black Tamborines will also be there. Oh, and Echo Lake is on DJ duties…

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