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Video: My Panda Shall Fly + Benjamin Jackson – ‘Mantra’

March 16, 2012

Originally posted on The 405

‘Mantra’ is taken from the marvelous ‘Let’s Vibrate Together’ EP that landed this week, a cut-up sonic prism of astute collaboration between My Panda Shall Fly and Benjamin Jackson.

Moving-image artists Andrew Corrigan and Chris King provide the visuals in the video here, executed with a well-thought out grace that provides quite the synergy with the track. Ultimately and because of this, it actually heightens the experience of the tune itself, as ‘Mantra’ traverses through various cosmic phases, the visual stimuli respond in type.

Watch it now – but make sure to watch it again in the dead of night in a darkened room, headphones on, full-screened, with your full attention, and completely immerse yourself in the sensory experience. The EP is out now on Five Easy Pieces.

Mantra – My Panda Shall Fly + Benjamin Jackson from Andrew Corrigan on Vimeo.

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