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Eddy Frankel of Fair Ohs unveils side project Les Pharaons

March 13, 2012


We brought you news last week of a Fair Ohs side project in the form of the delightful High Hopes, by Joe Ryan; but what we didn’t tell you is that singer/guitarist Eddy Frankel has also released material under the guise of Les Pharaons.

The sound Eddy Fair Ohs serves up is a breezy and delicate ode to 60’s French pop (sung entirely ‘en français’ in fact) with added psych-twinges. You can grab a tape via the good folks over at Suplex Cassettes, the tape containing four tracks under the title of ‘Opio’, and be sure to download ‘Amandine’ below for free.

As they’ve put it:

If you were a fan of Fair Ohs cover of the Brigitte Bardot classic ‘La Madrague‘ from their Eden Rock 7″, you will love this tape.

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