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Joe Ryan of Fair Ohs unveils side project High Hopes

March 6, 2012

Originally posted on The 405

Joe ryan

As massive fans of Fair Ohs, it’s always super-lovely to get wind of the myriad of side projects firing out of the band, firing indiscriminately like a wild nail-gun of eclectic originality.

The latest such project is from Joe Ryan, who has previously released work with The One – but this time around is working under the moniker of High Hopes. For those familiar with the side-projects, it bares little resemblance to the music of Fair Ohs; what we are treated to instead is a smooth, John Maus-esque sound spliced with jazz elements and cooing synth tones. Almost like early Hot Chip. Whatever – it’s fucking sexy. The kind of track you’d want to be trapped inside of on a long and lazy Sunday morning, spooning heartily, as time and the outside world becomes an irrelevance.

The EP (titled There’s Nothing We Can’t Fix) will be released on Suplex Cassettes – the label of bandmate Matt Flag.

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