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Anenon – ‘This Is What I Meant’ (Download)

March 6, 2012

Originally posted on The 405

'Inner Hue

Non Projects is a small, but highly seductive LA-based label that succeeds in unearthing innovative artistic paragons of warmth. I first became familiar with them via the gorgeous Ryan York EP If I Am This Forest (the title track I put in my Tracks of 2011).

And Brian Allen Simon under the moniker Anenon (the founder of Non Projects, artist and 2011 RBMA graduate) beholds similar ambient values with ‘This Is What I Meant’. It’s a deeply-layered, lush electronic soundscape that bathes your aura in a melange of sounds – delicately produced and thoughtfully crafted, akin to the beauty of The Field’s ‘Then It’s White‘. Yup, it’s the kind of inspiring track that invites gushing faux-poetic semantics.

The track, which you can and very much should download now, is taken from forthcoming album ‘Inner Hue’ that is out on May 1st.

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