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Fair Ohs – Salt Flats (Postcard edition)

February 29, 2012


The total track play-count at the hierarchy of The 405 for awesome London psych-punk trio Fair Ohs is alarmingly high, higher than the music of Fair Ohs makes us feel I’d say.

Everything is Dancing made our Albums of the Year list and came close to clinching it – and as such a great deal of us bought the limited edition vinyl/postcard that was made available of ‘Salt Flats’ on X-Ray Recordings. The ‘flexi-postcard’ as it’s been labeled has now sold-out (only 250 copies were made) and each came with a handwritten message – mine with a message about pizza, that I still don’t quite get. What is ‘Mummas Pizza’? Answers on a postcard yeah? I can’t actually get the thing to play, though my record player about 100 years old – gifted to me by an elderly gent who must have been as old as the player.

Listen below, and also read the message from them.


Thanks to the good folk over at Brockley Central, the mystery has been solved. Mamma’s Pizza here.

Fair Ohs - Salt Flats vinyl/postcard

Fair Ohs - Salt Flats vinyl/postcard

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  1. A Sfas permalink
    February 29, 2012 12:49

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