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TRAAMS – ‘Klaus’ + Italian Beach Babes show

February 28, 2012

There’s something about the South Coast and it’s habit of whipping up lathery nuggets of grand sloth-grunge-pop. Holla-out to TRAAMS.

TRAMMS are from Chichester – I’ve only been there the once as a kid to an old peoples home to see my Uncle, and no hazy-meandering distorted-guitar kid bands found there way to my ears on that day in 1994. The three-piece though are influenced somewhat by this are though; that Let’s Wrestle school of grunge-loving, though with some delicious driving krauty undertones steering it’s way to a coastal-cave formation. Seven min noise-monster ‘Klaus’ below in particular opening this kraut-chasm open, and unleashing a potent sonic stench crafted out of moreish languid triumphalism.

The sensible guess is that it’s a tribute to the late Klaus Dinger (involved with Kraftwerk, La Düsseldorf and most notably Neu!); the outside bet a reference to the lesser known Klaus Schulze, briefly of Tangerine Dream. Yeah, I’m offering real long odds for the latter. Also the EP is produced by Rory Attwell (he gets around huh?) in his infamous Brattwell Recordings hub in Dalston, so you know it’s going to be a heavy and noisy slice of bitchin’.

Do make an effort to catch them at The Shackwell Arms this Thursday (1st March), where the ever brilliant Italian Beach Babes Records are showcasing an evening of talent – Brown Brogues and Female Band completing the line-up.

Go buy the EP released at the birth of this year on their Bandcamp. ‘Do this’. ‘Go buy that’. Super-bossy-blog mode today.

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