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Lapalux // Boiler Room live set

February 14, 2012

Many Faces Out of Focus. Many Faces Out of Focus. Many Faces Out of Focus. Say that real fast many times over. Surprisingly, it’s actually a relatively accessible challenge despite the alliterations and susurrus articulations involved.

Anyway, that was the title of Lapalux‘s excellent debut EP from last year that made many people sit bolt upright and pull down their pants in delight. The above somewhat sums up Lapalux; a melange of difficult varied sounds, ya know, future-garage inspired bass revelry; though blended with a smooth and satisfying end product.

The Essex-based producer Stuart Howard is to release When You’re Gone on Feb 20th via Brainfeeder (which we reviewed generously), and to coincide with this he took over Boiler Room for 40 minutes as part of last week’s Ninja Tune take-over – with Bonobo and Dels also behind the deck-in-tosh. Listen:

BR#77 Lapalux from BOILER ROOM on Vimeo.


Lapalux – Move Out Of… (Unreleased)

Lapalux – Deforestation

Khia/M83/Aphex Twin Mashup

Lapalux – Gone – Brainfeeder

Lapalux – Luxurious (Gwen Stefani Remix)

Lapalux – Yellow 90′s – Brainfeeder

Lapalux – Gutter Glitter – Brainfeeder

ASAP Rocky – Peso

Lapalux – In A Cloud I Smoke (Unreleased)

Lapalux – Construction deconstruction – Brainfeeder

Lapalux – Polyethers (Clip) (Unreleased)

Lapalux – Straight Over My Head (Unreleased)

Lapalux – Strangling You With The Cord (Unreleased)

Lapalux – Swallowing Smoke (Unreleased)

Buy the EP

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