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Listen: Albert Swarm – ‘Held’ EP + Download

January 20, 2012

Held EP

Not too much is known about Finnish-born Albert Swarm, aside from that the man is probably named after Albert’s Swarm – “an immense concentration of the Rocky Mountain locust that in 1875 swarmed the Western United States” (cheers Wiki). Which is odd as his music conjures up imagery that is the antithesis of this shuddering scene.

Another Swarm fact, and how I first noticed his electronic glowing embers, was that he served-up a marvellous Sun Glitters remix that went up on The 405 in the run-up to Christmas. The favour is returned here with his debut EP Held, that has been out on Brooklyn’s Ceremony since last year and is now available to stream/download below, and evokes The Field at their most downbeat and introspective – think ‘Then It’s White’ – though with more of a chillwave core at times. Actually it’s all more elective than that really. Anyway, Scandinavians and their beautiful ambient electronic soundscapes ay?

Swarm fact three; I am the only person (at the time of going to publish) to have liked him on Facebook.

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