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New album from Nedry // In A Dim Light

November 23, 2011

Originally posted on The 405

Nedry @ Iceland Airwaves

Hot diggity. This is news we’ve been waiting awhile for.

Nedry are to release a new album, titled In A Dim Light, which seems like an appropriate title for this bleak winters day – hell, even the track-names are even an exercise in evocative malevolence – and is the first new material from the London-trio since early 2010 release Condors.

The connoisseurs of downbeat, raw, trip-hop influenced earthy electronica have been sneaking new material into their sets for awhile now, and on 12 March 2012 you’ll be able to experience ten such new tracks out on Monotreme.

1. I Would Rather Explode (5:02)
2. Post Six (5:06)
3. Violaceae (4:53)
4. Havana Nights (5:40)
5. Dusk Till Dawn (3:08)
6. Float (6:49)
7. Land Leviathan (1:52)
8. TMA (3:03)
9. (5:21)
10. Home (6:18)

A UK/European tour follows the release as will a series of summer festival dates, we have been promised.

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