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Listen: Teebs – ‘Yellow More New’

November 7, 2011

Originally posted on The 405

Corsica Studios

Today sees the release of a new full-length collection of tracks by Teebs titled Collections 01, on the ever superlative-inducing Brainfeeder label run by Flying Lotus.

Beatific beat-driven debut album Ardour was released late last year and showcased an LA-sized poolfull of potential, and fans of this album will not de disappointed in the new material. The tracks are not being released in the context of a cohesive album, but as the name suggests more of a collection of thoughts and songs – “Just a mini collections of ideas” as he calls it.

Yesterday the 10th track from the album ‘Yellow More New’ was uploaded to Soundcloud; and somewhat rather cruelly the first 100 downloads were given away as a freebie – rather cruelly in that it was 10:30am on a Sunday, deep in the middle of the no-man’s land known as hangover hour. Listen below:

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