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New Music: Air Drops – Jejune

June 19, 2011

Originally posted on The 405



Not too much is known about Air Drops. Go on his (an assumption) Facebook page, his main source of activity bar some Kanye West forum posts, and you’ll get a big white space.

‘Jejune’ was posted on youtube a couple of weeks back and it’s a warm, hazy track that although you get the feeling you’ve heard many chillwave times before, it’s just so darn sun-streaming-in-the-a-refracted window beautiful you won’t care.

In light of lack of words on him, here are the four comments under his YouTube video – and for YouTube comments are surprisingly accurate:

  • “best new music.” states mennawave
  • “this is so good when you’re high.” suggests Bryantsreeves
  • “Awesome! I really enjoyed the song and the video!!” MayorOfAwesometown enthusiastically proclaims. Awesome by name, awesome by his own critical analysis.

NewDarkAgeMusic simply puts: “incredible”

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  1. November 29, 2011 00:21

    New Amazing Mixtape by Air Drops for the french blog Stock-71 !
    Listen it ! Eat it ! Share it!



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