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Live: Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

May 7, 2011

Originally posted on The 405

Word by Sixty Gelu

In the same way the 21st century has led to the decoding of the human genome, the cross pollination of musical genres is more abundant than it has ever been.

As the cumbersome iron hands on Big Ben strike 8pm, the subterranean hallways of Heaven sets the conditions for an unparalleled demonstration of new electronic music. Entering the club’s low undulating ceiling, the grainy texture of its brick walls are bathed in the neon pink lights projecting from the bar.

Squeezing onto the stage room floor with an ice-cold can of Red Stripe in one hand, the procession commences to the sounds of digitally spun soul. Stood furtively in front of a smart collection of keyboards and 808s, Sampha begins to wet the appetites of the eager crowed below.

Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

Thinly cut segments of lime green laser beams circulate from the ceilings, as Sampha opens with ‘Shades’. A succession of multi-layered snare samples cut the humid air with razor sharp precision. Hunched over his Korg keyboard in a green plaid shirt, his fingers diligently tinkle its keys as a constellation of 8-bit bleeps are siphoned from the speakers. Instantly, the pit below becomes a mass of grooving shoulders and nodding heads. Weaving his unique brand of electronically embedded rhythm n blues, Sampha’s dulcet vocal tones leave an indelible impression on the audiences’ hearts.

Aptly prepped and emotionally heightened, a fresh stream of fans diffuses into the venue. Left gasping for fresh air within the tightly packed mosch pit, Dominic Maker and Kai Campos amble onto the stage. Silhouetted behind an arsenal of synthesizers and matching laptop kits, the ridged framework of the crowed becomes fluid as a raft of flaying hands punch the air against a sonorous wall of applause.

Embracing the moment, Mount Kimbie launch into ‘Sketch on Glass’. Immediately a rumbling bass loop blankets the pit. Cyclonic swirls of magenta light emanate from the ceiling panels as a 2-step garage beat skitters across the room. Mirroring the heads movements of the faces below, Maker and Campos nod their heads rhythmically as they begin to punch holes in the saturated air with instances of manipulated vocal samples.

Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

Feeling the warm residue of sprayed beer running down the side of my face, the duo segues into signature song ‘Field’. The mechanized sound of a shunting train engine reverberates into the ceiling cavity. With the saline taste of sweat forming above my lips, Campos produces a Gibson Les Paul guitar from thin air. Dexterously strumming an austere riff against a barrage of clapping hands, the lights above rotate and shine with a furious orange intensity. Paying witness to this jaw dropping display of experimental showmanship, the fire in our eyes effloresces as Mount Kimbie brings the evening to fever pitch by dropping a wave of intermittently stationed drum loops and piano samples.

In all: an undeniable exhibition of intelligently crafted beat-scapes. The next stage on the evolutionary ladder is here!

Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

Mount Kimbie @ Heaven 28/04/11

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  1. Kieran Hamilton permalink
    May 7, 2011 19:57

    Great shots, think I’ll be checking out the band as well, sounds right up my street!

    • May 7, 2011 19:59

      Cheers! Yeah they are really cracking, and new stuff sounded very promising live…

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