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Record Store Day 2011 – Something of a Review

April 24, 2011

Originally posted on The 405

Record Store Day 2011 review

So Record Store Day is pretty big now right? Now in it’s fourth year, the event held on the third Saturday in April has grown year-on-year, and seems to have had a significant jump in popularity and stature this particular year.

With queues around the country and both the dedicated and casual music fans getting excited, it has firmly cemented it’s place as an important date in the cultural musical calendar, and arguably further into popular culture; alongside Glasto ticket sales (well, there was certainly as much waiting around as this event), the Mercury Nominations and that blasted BBC sound of X poll.

Record Store Day 2011This intro of hyperbole is all fairly academic really – Saturday was simply a fun day packed-to-the-dodgems with events, in-stores and cakes, with a real emphasis on the community – and that’s not even mentioning what it’s all about: a plethora of great records to purchase.

Below you’ll find what some of The (now destitute) 405 staff have hauled in from all around the country (and world), braving massive queues, early starts, dented wallets and severe hangovers.

All the photos are from Rough Trade East who pulled out all the stops as per, with performances from Chilly Gonzales, Gaggle and Wild Beasts.

Samuel Valdes Lopez
From the lovely people at Record Collector in Sheffield, a 7″ of 13th Floor Elevators, a new copy of a Mastodon album a very dear friend of mine recommended I should listen to and a replacement copy of a Murder by Death album I got nicked by some undesirable ex-acquaintance in the past (it’s in great condition).

Record Store Day 2011Matthew Olmos
Things I bought:
Almost Xiu Xiu, Almost Deerhoof
I planned on getting this primarily because it’s two of my favorite KRS/5RC (originally) bands combining forces. And boy, what a little nugget this is. Jamie Stewart sounds better than ever here, and Saunier’s side 2 take is impressive. Also the orange vinyl and label looks great whilst spinning.

YeasayerEnd Blood
Odd Blood was a vinyl purchase for me last year, and the prospect of two new songs from that era surprised me and made me perk up my ears. Slower tracks akin to ‘Madder Red’ on a mislabeled 7″ (it says to play at 45, but that’s obviously the wrong speed).

Flying Lotus Cosmogramma Alt. Takes
Bonus tracks to the already entertaining release that came out on his website + vinyl mastering = fuck yes. I think there was a pressing error, though, because my copy keeps on skipping throughout Catacombs (Extended Version)/track B1.

Beth Ditto EP + Brown Sugar 7″
I bought these for my mom since she’s a big fan of The Gossip and asked me to keep an eye out for the Rolling Stones single.

The bonus loot that came with this stuff courtesy of Streetlight Santa Cruz was also pretty sweet. A poly material tote with a 45 adapter design, a Decca promo 45 from two artists I don’t care about, a couple label promo CDs, and most importantly a Sub Pop CD compilation in an amazing package – square arigato case with poster and inserts for each of the 14 tracks (like Steve Fisk’s 999 Levels of Undo art!).

I was hoping to find the early release of the James Blake LP as well as a copy of the Pink Floyd 66/67 LP to take a look at, but no beans. And the Flaming Lips box (Heady Nuggs) was nowhere to be seen, and at $125USD was too pricey for me considering I already own it all on CD.

Rosie Lord
Got a Cults 7″ and The Vaccines live CD (SIXTEEN POUNDS?!?) from banquet records. Queued from 8-11am, it was crazy busy.

Record Store Day 2011Jonathan Mathews
I bought the debut release from Pink Mist, the between the labels, Big Scary Monsters, Holy Roar and Blood & Biscuits. I snapped it up at the Notting Hill Art’s centre, where Pink Mist showcased some of the artists signed to ‘them’. I bought it partially because I get easily overexcited at gigs, but mostly because there are so many great bands on it.

Ryan Barham
My local record store had a queue at 8am that I joined for an hour or so. Armed with a list that contained the Cloud Nothings/Toro Y Moi split, Villagers and Wild Beasts, I was a little disappointed when I saw the poster with their list of stock – they didn’t have a single one of these available.

All was not lost however, as after asking for British Sea Power and Foals (both sold out), I finally got hold of Rival Schools, Interpol and Bruce Springsteen. A roaring success with lots of polite chat and queueing, a mum behind me in the queue bought what her 14-year old daughter called her first ever “vinnal” record, a YouMeAtSix acoustic EP.

Adam Parker
I woke up far too late thanks to late night Old Blue Last drinks last night and missed anything new/innovative/exciting. But Rat Records, a small but brilliant store in Camberwell, had some DJs and a stash of old records. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to get some funk and soul to rub all over my record player in honour of this important day.

I received the lovely golden badge of recognition whilst purchasing the likes of Ohio Players, Lou Rawls and The Stylistics. A throwback to the 1970s is the summary of the Record Store Day….

Record Store Day 2011Anna Mellor
I got the Ellen and the Escapades vinyl package from Wall of Sound in Huddersfield

Tim Boddy
Money spent: £125. I meant to get to Rough Trade East early, but, was too hungover to deal with things, such as waking up. Sleep was better.

Though my dad emailed me the previous night asking ‘So, what do you want for Record Store Day son?’ (he rarely even asks me this question at Christmas). So, I got my first purchase whilst still in bed – Gil Scott Heron / Jaime XX limited edition album. And also the Charlotte Gainsbourg/Villagers split 7″ he got.

Then I finally got out of bed, went to RTE about noon and queued for a very reasonable 15 mins and bought:
Metronomy – The Look
Esben & the Witch – Chorea
And for good measure bought some non-RSD releases…
Frank Just Frank – The Brutal Wave
Led Er Est / Ancien Regime – Split LP
Frank Just Frank / Soviet Soviet – Split LP

I also got scared/bemused by Gaggle Gaggle’s performance in RTE , as my sobriety kicked in – not a reflection on them I’m sure. A good day.

Tim Brown
I bought Toro y Moi / Cloud Nothing (at Flashback on Essex Road) and The Kills (at Rough Trade East) on Saturday. I also bought a limited edition Cajun Dance Party that I couldn’t resist. Don’t think it had anything to do with record store day though. On Sunday, Rough Trade tweeted that they’d just found a load of The Clash singles upstairs. I went back and bought that, along with Metronomy.

RSD montage

Record Store Day 2011

Record Store Day 2011

Record Store Day 2011

Record Store Day 2011

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