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Because the internet needs another Album of the year list…

December 29, 2010

So, here is a rundown with playlist of my favourite albums from this year, the year that future generations will no doubt call ‘2010’. This is just my personal take and some albums of brilliance I have probably not got round to listening to yet, or, much like an arthritic old-man on the dancefloor, just haven’t ‘clicked’ for me, and thus is in no way comprehensive; piss off to Pitchfork, The 405 et al for a more well-rounded, thoughtful and indeed verbose take.

The following 28 are in a ‘not exactly-in-order-but-are-a-tiny-bit’; I can’t be bothered to squabble and nitpick with myself for hours on end, as God knows I do that enough in my everyday life throughout the year.

And you might want to save some time by skipping to the end and just have a listen to the Spotify playlist.

Instead of slightly cringingly writing a bit about them myself, I’ve enlisted some guest writers to write a line or two about the top 10 albums.

1) Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma

Kim Jong Il: Harrow reader. You see, this is the kind of album that could never have been made by our aggressive neighbours, ‘Fake Korea’. This kind of beat-driven brilliance could only emerge from my superpower, the beautiful, free and welcoming state of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. We have the internet now you know; I even get to choose the sites.

2) Hot Chip – One Life Stand

Nick Clegg: As one of the 1st releases of 2010, I promised earlier in the year that I would definitely make this my album of the year and indeed signed a pledge to that effect. However, after hanging round with some of the mean boys from my new job, I have since decided..

3) Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West: This shit is… FUCKIN’ RIDICLIS.

4) Baths – Cerulean

Karl Pilkington: S’alright.

5) Yeasayer – Odd Blood

Charlie Brooker: It’s REALLY good yeah? I mean REALLY. What, no I genuinely mean that. It’s not my bloody fault if “everything” I say sounds “sarcastic”. You monster.

6) Beach House – Teen Dream

Margaret Thatcher: I’M DEAD; dead excited about Teen Dream by Beach House! That’s what I wrote on my blog upon it’s release. Norway is a TUNE, despite being in Europe.

7) These New Puritans – Hidden

Holden Caulfield: It’s quite something. It really is. That bit with the drums, it kills me

8) Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest

Cat bin lady: I have no idea why I chose this record, I cannot offer an explanation. It’s just one of those things, like the time my niece and her beau had to delay announcing their engagement until the ring had passed through my digestive tract. Impulses ay?

9) The Chemical Brothers – Further

Super Hans: Nearly as good as me ol’ band, Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Homunculus. And crack.

10) Gold Panda – Lucky Shiner

Mike Phelean: You didn’t ask me just because Fergie turned you down? No? Good. Anyway, it’s nearly as good as that hit about me, ya know, “It’s more than Mike Phelan (more than Mike Phelan)”.

11) The National – High Violet

12) Shit Robot – From the Cradle to the Rave

13) Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

14) Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles II

15) Four Tet – There Is Love In You

16) Delphic – Acolyte

17) Caribou – Swim

18) Sufjan Stevens – Age of Adz

19) LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening

20) Holy Fuck – Latin

21) Pulled Apart By Horses – Pulled Apart By Horses

22) Mount Kimbie – Crooks and Lovers

23) Gonjasufi – A Sufi and a Killer

24) Actress – Splazsh

25) Daughters – Daughters

26) Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here

27) Tokyo Police Club – Champ

28) Matthew Dear – Black City

I may do an EP/remixes one also, as there was a shagload of super stuff released.

Spotify playlist here (well, the ones that were on Spotify)

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  1. February 11, 2011 14:06

    There are loads here that I missed. I think it’s a near impossible task the: “end of year top ten”. I just wanted to point at loads of stuff and say hey have a listen, let alone putting them in any order. I think you’ve done well though. Spotify playlist is rad as well. 2010 was good but I think music is gonna get phenomenally good over the next couple of years.

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