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What’s In Your Bag #1 (Rough Trade East)

October 12, 2010

Originally posted on The 405

In this new feature, Will Slater and Tim Boddy have been staking out the Rough Trade East branch off Brick Lane, armed with a microphone and camera, waiting to pounce on the happy customers, each with an individual story behind their purchases. Here are the ones who didn’t freeze like rabbits in the headlights or run off screaming when they approached them:

Name: Luke
Bought: Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest
Reason: I’ve already got a copy, myself, but it’s for a friend’s birthday that’s today, so I thought I’d be a good friend and by him one of the best albums of the year!

Name: Roska
Bought: The Count & Sinden – Mega Mega Mega
Reason: I haven’t listened properly to it, but I’ve heard a few tunes like ‘Mega’, so I wanted to buy it and support the cause.

Name: Nick
Bought: Interpol, Everything Everything – Man Alive, Abe Vigoda – Crush, Rose Elinor Dougall – Without Why
Reason: Interpol are one of my favourite bands around at the moment. This is the new one, so I had to get it. Rosie Elinor Dougall, I mainly bought because I fancy her so much to be painfully honest, but also I did hear a song on 6 Music and it did sound good, so I thought I’d give it a try. Abe Vigoda, I’ve heard their name around for a while, but never actually heard anything by them, but then I heard a song on 6 Music and it sounded really good. And Everything Everything sounds good also, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Name: Trevor
Bought: An old Blitz Club 12″, Biggie Smalls DVD

Name: Sophie
Bought: cats:for:peru – Attack of the Pitching Machine
Reason: My husband bought a CD and was charged extra, so there was some extra money that he needed to spend. He said that I could spend it for him and we didn’t know what to get, so we played a game in Rough Trade, where we chose a number between one and six because that was the number of shelves in there, then a number on the shelf, like 56, and we went through the CDs. We chose shelf number 3, we got to CD number 56 and it was cats:for:peru, so it was a very random choice, but I’m excited because it might be a real gem of a find.

Name: Graham
Bought: Tame Impala – Innerspeaker
Reason: It was on the staff recommendations, so I had a listen and I liked it, so I bought it.

(note: that was not an advert for Rough Trade)

Name: Sean
Bought: Chilly Gonzales – Ivory Tower, Caitlin Rose – Own Side Now, Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest, Justin Townes Earle, Twin Sister, Oi! A Nova Musical Brazilica, Junip – Fields, New Jenny Lewis collaboration, Chromeo, Halo Black… There’s more. Do you want more, or is that enough?
The 405: If you could just pick out a particular favourite one that you were really excited about buying…
Sean: I’m excited about every single one of those. That’s like trying to pick out my favourite child!
The 405: Well, if there was one that you had to shout out about to the general public…
Sean: Half of these I’ve downloaded, but if I really like an album I’ll always buy a hard copy. So the Chilly Gonzales album, I now know very well because it came out on download about two weeks ago, but I really wanted to have the hard copy, just because it sounds so much better when I play it on my system at home. One that I’m really excited about, I guess, would be the Jenny and Johnny album. I haven’t actually heard this and in this day and age you get so caught up with digesting information on what’s coming up, what’s new and what’s out there that you’ll see something in the shop and think, “I’ve read about that, I’ll get that”. But this, I haven’t heard anything about, there’s the mere fact that it’s completely unknown to me. I know the people who’ve made it, but I haven’t found it on any blog sites, so that’ll be the one.

Bought: Caribou EP, Ramadanman, Julio Bashmore
Reason: Just came for a browse, with nothing in mind and some vouchers to spend.

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