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LCD Soundsystem – Excitable preview

May 2, 2010

LCD Soundsystem. Ah, Elle See Dee Soundsystem. There seem to be a plethora of artists that soundtracked much of the 00’s, and hence personally soundtracked that strange bit of life that is my early 20’s, that are releasing new material this year. This leads to huge excitement, with a small amount of trepidation in two parts:  a.Arrrrrr! I’m getting older, and b.Arrrrrrr! It better not be shit!

New album, This Is Happening, due for 17th May release, is already available to stream, a response to the inevitable leak that has occurred, as record companies seem to spring leaks than a patriotic Welsh soup manufacturer. Pun apologies. Having listened to this an autistic amount of times, it cetrianly does not fall into the b.Arrrrrrrr! It better not be shit! category; James Murphy has simply produced another epic, nostalgia-drizzled zeitgeist of the electronic variety.

Much has been written/will be written about how glorious it is, as the music media spaff all over themselves/the album, particularly in regard to stand-out track All I Want. It Echos David Bowie‘s Heros style of drowning guitar repetition, and hits the high of previous work All My Friends and Someone Great in this respect, behemoth in style and length of course (7 minutes long). In fact, most racks aside from Drunk Girls hit the 6-8 minute mark. To make up for this, it does contain this following lyric:

Drunk Girls take an hour to pee”.

Just have a listen – from the moment opener Dance Yrself Clean kicks-in stupendously at 3 minutes 11 seconds after a lengthy build-up, you should be gripped.

Below is a remix from DFA label-mates Holy Ghost, who have a smorgasbord of remixes available if you are so inclined to hunt them down (Cut Copy, Friendly Fires etc). I didn’t want to put up an actual track from the album, as the internet police might murder me.

LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost remix)

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