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New website/Heygate Estate

April 25, 2010

I have a new website. It has words and pictures on it. A bit like this one.

I’ll still use this blog, but mainly just for music stuff. And geeky crap. And writings about necrophilic merchant bankers. One of these is not true.

“This project evolved from working on another project, Nyx’s London, and since then this has taken priority and taken over. And my life a little bit.

I befriended a couple of people that still live on the Heygate Estate, (There are only approximately 40 families left from 1,500) which is due to be demolished. Southwark Council wants the residents out as soon as possible for regeneration purposes for the area, but overall a series of failings from past and present councils and development planners have left many residents in the lurch. A complex story, see here and here for further details. Gentrification or regeneration?

For this project I wanted to see the human side to the story of the very last remaining residents still living on the Heygate. I sat and talked to a lovely couple, Larry and Janet (and their dog Lady) to try and understand what was going on and how the situation was affecting them personally. They were kind enough to let me into their home and let me photograph them, and also to lavish me with tea and biscuits.

Social-doc is not something I’ve often done before, but I wanted to push myself to do something new, having studied and admired the work of other photographers from this genre. The work of Freya Najade I’ve found particularly inspiring. Have a look, go on.

This first photo was taken on a Medium Format film camera – which I love, but didn’t turn out how I wanted…

…So the rest were taken on Digital, which is what I’m going to stick with…

Full gallery here

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