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So I found a ‘love’ letter…

April 12, 2010

Found Letter (Page 1)

So, after just catching the train at Kings Cross by a mere 20 seconds to go home ‘home’ (A ridiculous phrase I use to describe going to my parents), I take the first seat I find, out of breath, but have that smug, rewarding feeling as I managed to catch my train – take that Lady time. Then I discover a few bits of note paper in front of me on the fold-out pointless bit you get on trains.

On further inspection, I’m struck by the classic, trained handwriting first of all, then as I start to (try) and read the content, discover it’s some kind of love letter. Or, depending on your viewpoint, a slightly creepy infatuation. Either way, it’s got passion all over it. Thoughts?

Have a read yourself, or a read of my attempted transcript:


It is strange to think that I see you everyday at the same place, same time, I sit next to you

But yet not possessing the

Courage nor the will to say hello.

I’ve often wondered and marveled at the striking beautifully shaped lips, not for once daydreaming of the moment I waste my whole heart in one kiss upon your perfect lips.

I’ve never seen Sunsets and Sunrises but looking at your beautiful smiling face with each passing day, my heart aches longing to lose my mortality within you, soul bare, striving with the hope that I take that chance.

For its hope, hope alone guides me that I may be able to look upon you and know that I’ve given all my worldy bliss and desires, but not purpose.

the purpose that I’ll say hello, when that moment passes through.

I end with the sincerest of warmth. I’ve made my choice, I say hello to you on Monday.

To the Most Beautiful Girl in the World”

(Thanks to SiY, moodyblues and skyOrage for filling in the gaps)

I’m really fascinated as to whether the letter was ever meant for her consumption at all, if they accidently left it on the train, or the letter was just a way of articling their own feelings to themselves, to get it out of his/her system. And of course if he/she ever did say hello on that Monday.

I found the letter over a year ago now at Kings Cross going northbound to Cambridge (having only just got round to scanning it), so, if anyone knows/you are the owner…. a long shot for sure. I’d love to know though.

Found Letter (Page 2)

Found Letter (Page 3)

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  1. April 13, 2010 11:08

    that’s very cool :) i love the handwriting..

  2. April 13, 2010 13:07

    Looks like
    “I’ve often wondered and marvelled..”
    “..lose my mortality within you, soul bare, striving with the hope that I take that chance. ”

    And not, I’m not the subject. (Too bad.) ;P
    Thanks for sharing. It’s lovely.

  3. SiY permalink
    April 13, 2010 13:48

    I agree it’s “courage nor the wit”. I don’t think it’s “once” before “daydreaming”, but can’t find an alternative.

    I also agree with skyOrage’s input (including “thanks for sharing”!), and would add:

    “I’ve never seen sunsets and sunrises
    but looking at your beautiful smiling…”

    “For it’s hope, hope alone guides me…”

  4. April 13, 2010 13:55

    Aha, cheers for the comments and suggestions people! Obviously you’re both more skilled/experienced in the inner-workings of the love letter than myself….. I will now amend.

  5. April 13, 2010 14:30

    WOW Id like to think it was about me ;-) I lived in Cambridge a long while ago and lived for a short time in the Kings cross area a longer time ago.
    But alas not me, tho I did have 2 poems and a song written for me one by my son when he was very young and ill (better now) which is very prolific loving and just loverly. One by a specail friend who wrote a song about me ‘Lady of the morning’ if they could see me now!! and one by a person that felt they loved me and was then able to let go, so he wrote a beautifull poem about saying goodbye to a love unrequited
    gosh what a life Iv led
    I hope you find the authour of that letter though, it will probably make him smile – a moment in time revisted;
    maybe who knows they may even of married. This was a lovely blog to read you waited for a year before publishing its contents and picked the perfect time
    Perfect for a warm spring day dreaming of romance,

  6. Dave permalink
    April 13, 2010 20:30

    What if you found it, after it had been given?

    May the person gave it to her, since he sees her everyday, and resolves to say hello on Monday.

    And she’s just left it the train, becuase tearing out his heart and stamping on it, in that crowded train would have been too much effort!

  7. Julia permalink
    April 13, 2010 23:01

    Dude, you should send it to Found to post, maybe someone will claim it from there.

  8. April 14, 2010 08:25

    The love letter is sadly a dying art. I’m a big fan of the form myself whether they’re intended to be sent or just written to express your thoughts on paper. You should set up a project where people send in letters they’ve written or recieved of this genre and publish them to spread a bit of good old romance around! Maybe even select your … See morefavourites and base a photography project around the letters and their success or disaster. I find it particularly cathartic writing this kind of thing as a long-term singleton. Not exactly fitting of the Bouncer/Metalhead image though is it!? lol

  9. moodyblues permalink
    April 14, 2010 09:38

    It reads to me like “the courage nor the will”

    What a beautiful note!

  10. TheseFallenStars permalink
    January 22, 2013 15:56

    I’ve looked at this note every other week for a few years now, and only today it has struck me; A large chunk of what it says in this note is a transcript from ‘A Knight’s tale’, with Health Ledger, when he writes a love letter to the story’s love interest :D The part about seeing sunsets and sunrises, looking upon your beautiful face and hope alone guiding him/her, all taken from the movie.


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