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Crystal Castles – News

April 9, 2010

I was fortunate enough to be invited via The 405 to a playback of the new Crystal Castles album on a sunny arvo (though hidden from the large orange thing in a basement) in London village on Thursday.

The ker–ay-zee Canadian electronic types are soon to be back with an as yet to be titled album in June, but no-one is allowed to talk about it yet apparently until the embargo is lifted next Wednesday. Which makes it sounds like I’m talking about a conflict in the Middle-East. Alice Glass is Palestine BLATES.

A full track-by-track analysis will be up on The 405 (and here) then, but suffice to say for now the hearing of new Alice Glass screeching left me feeling giddy. I can talk about the lovely free wine and sandwiches available. I think. Crunchy tuna, also with a Ham & Cheese offering. I took one of each.

In the mean time, Crystal Castles will be releasing a very rationed run of new 12″ Doe Deer – Just 500 copies, on April 17th, to coincide with Record Store Day. The 1 minute 37 seconds of classic CC chaotic dementia also features on the new album.

MP3 download: Atlantis to Interzone – Klaxons (Remix by Crystal Castles)

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