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Detektivbyrån – Lyckans Undulat (aka happiest song ever)

February 22, 2010

I know the nervous walking

We’ve all that moment when you fall in love with a song, engulfs your life for a short period of time, and have that urge to rush up to strangers and yell incoherently right in their ugly face-hole, in an effort to spread the joy; but most of the time, we resist.

Well, here is such a tune that has made me want to do the very same. Lyckans Undulat, by Swedish eclectic monsters Detektivbyrån, is simply the happiest song I’ve ever heard. It’s like drinking a pint of serotonin whilst wearing a technicolor poncho made of laughing gas. So. fun. Even more fun than this

Detektivbyrån are a folk duo from Gotenburg, who provide the kind of music that should belong in Amelie, if Amelie was to have an overdose of prozac hidden in that garden gnome. Maybe a deleted scene exists of this. They exude that ram-shackled folky etiquette that artists such as DeVotcKa posses, accordions in hand and feet on the tip-tapping go.

For further listening, check out their debut album Wurmland, but most importantly also E18, a collection of their previous EP’s which features this beast of a track.

Their playing at a Swedish festival called Emmabodafestivalen in the summer (July 29th – July 31st), which looks like being spectacular, along with Cut Copy, The Radio Dept., Crystal Castles and more.

Download Detektivbyrån – Lyckans Undulat here

Just fucking listen.

Also, the photo at the top is from a folding camera, the Penguin Kershaw Eight-20 if you care. It’s from the 1940’s ya know.

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  1. February 23, 2010 20:21

    Your blog is very inspirating !! Thank you !!

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