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A Weeknight In The City

January 22, 2010


Hello, hope you’re phaaantastic. Herein you’ll find a few photos that I took one night, I’m finally getting the photography bug again after awhile MIA.

I’ve been inspired by photographers such as Rut Blees Luxemburg, (who you should really REALLY check out) who is a master of night photography in city and urban envorinments, and includes an incredible amount of detail utilising stunning natural, yet of course artificial light – In that ‘extra’ light by herself is never used. Her photos posses a heightened sense of loneliness, yet with traces of human activity; like we, the viewer, can sense the dramatic potential of anticipation or anxiety, of an event just having been played out, or about to begin.

Her photo appears on the cover of Bloc Party‘s A Weekend In The City (above) – an album I’ve revisited recently, and it may not be fashionable to say this, but I believe is a vastly underrated album that really encapsulates the feeling of, you’ve guessed it, a weekend in the city, lost in a mist of intoxicants, hedonism, comedowns and memories.

There are plenty of great individual tracks, but also flowing together perfectly as a whole, a concept album that works. Luxemburg’s photograph really fits into the concept of the album… album artwork can potentially be a productive tool if used correctly, doesn’t often happen mind.

I’ve named the photos rather pretentiously after Burial tracks – partly to suit the dark, broody city feel I was after (though my photos weren’t ‘dark’ or ‘city’ enough really), and partly because I fucking adore Burial right now. They’ve just ‘clicked’ recently…

Here’s a Bloc Party remix by Burial of Where is Home?

And here’s a Thom Yorke remix by Burial of And It Rained All Night

View a slideshow of the images here, if ye would prefer, or scroll yo ass down:



Fractales Pt. 1

Fractales Pt. 2

Space Mountain

Alight of Night

Nonsense In The Dark

A Weekday The City

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  1. January 22, 2010 18:30

    I have got to up my game on night photography! Thanks for a kick!


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