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Chk Chk Chk – Best EVER picture disc

January 18, 2010

Chk Chk Chk, originally uploaded by J_Ymmit.

Having recently been converted to the ways of vinyl, I’ve been taken in by the sheer aesthetics of the experience – the artwork of course a major proponent. Though I do love that vinyl smell too I tells ya. Especially if it is second hand, older than me, and has co-habited with a chain smoking shit-stained hermit named Clive – the funkier the odour, the better.

Anyway, I stumbled across this amazing piece of 12″ by !!! (That reads Chk Chk Chk kids in case you weren’t sure) in my local record store. In fact, before I bought it, I didn’t even know what it looked like – all that was on the shop floor was the made-up piece of cardboard by the staff, as seen below, proclaiming Best EVER picture disc (which I too got to keep). They weren’t wrong.

Chk Chk Chk - Best. Ever. Picture. Disc.

So it was an exciting surprise when they unveiled the actual vinyl at the counter (They even did a mini drumroll on my behalf. Ya see, you just don’t get that kind of experience when you type in “Simon & Garfunkel – torrent” into Google).

Oh plus, I actually really like Heart of Hearts anyway, and contains a lot of potential for mixing in with other tracks. Also, has great potential for dancing like a dyspraxic child short of it’s Ritalin – in fact, that’s probably the only way you could dance to this.

Anyone know of any other instances where there’s actual artwork on the vinyl itself?

Here’s a remix of Cut Copy – Futures by !!!

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  1. January 18, 2010 14:39

    wow, it is really impressive, I wonder how it looks rotating, it must be halucinogenic.

  2. Steve permalink
    March 2, 2012 21:38

    I won this same picture disc at a KUSF Christmas Party in 2007 – didn’t even know who the band was at the time. Since then, I relocated to Sacramento and happened to see the band play at Harlow’s Nightclub. Realizing it was a golden opportunity, I quickly went home and brought back the vinyl and had the entire band – 8 signatures in all – sign the beautiful piece of artwork. Its one of my prized possessions. I love Chk Chk Chk to say the least.

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