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Single Review: Charlotte Gainsbourg Ft. Beck – Heaven Can Wait

January 11, 2010

Originally posted on The 405

Label: Because Music
Release date: 25/01/10

Multi-talented French one Charlotte Gainsbourg returned to our big-fat screens last year in Lars von Trier’s well-received Antichrist, and now here she is returning with other her favourite past-time, in the form of new single Heaven Can Wait. 2006’s previous album 5:55 was a thing of beauty, her light, spoken-word singing voiced matched by compelling soft pianos and strings; music to be played in a lift said some detractors – but the sexiest lift you’ll ever have set foot in, that’s for sure.

Beck features in the new single – well ‘features’ is quite an injustice, his fingerprints all over this track; Well, he did co-write it after all. It marks a definite departure from Gainsbourg’s sound of 5:55, with the new track possessing a very folksy feel, in terms of subtly ‘jangly’ (awful word, apologies) guitars and somewhat in terms of lyrical content also. It flows through along splendidly and the two voices compliment each other; though as a whole, somehow never excels itself like you feel it could. It’ll be of interest to see how Beck’s influence throughout the entire upcoming album, IRM, plays out, which Beck produced.

Make sure to watch the fantastically surreal video below, directed by Keith Scofield. It features an astronaut with pancakes for a head! A man having a bath in cereal! Beck singing to a guy with half a beard! Imagine that! Well, now you don’t have to.

It’s as if Gregory Crewdson were to have a nervous breakdown and then be invited to direct a video for Sesame Street. Check it:

Rating 7/10

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