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Blast from the past #2 – Skifree

December 7, 2009

Welcome to the 2nd in the series of nostalgia, that will either have you going ‘I don’t get it, how dull’, or ‘Oooo, I remember that! But 5 minutes later will say, but really, how dull’.

After a slightly drunken conversation in a kitchen with some good friends (RARRIS and SEDWARDS), we somehow all got over-excited about our remembrance of the magnificent SkiFree. To jog your memory, Skifree was a very basic game that came bundled with Windows, released in 1991, created by Chris Pirih (I love you Chris). You could take one of three courses from the outset – but the beauty of the game was you didn’t even really have to choose any of them – it was essentially free-roaming, and you’d just meander down the hill with no boundries.

And of course… watch out for the Abominable Snowman! Speedy fucker he was. He’d come along and eat you every now and again. Then HOLY SHIT!! Fire! Which seemed to burst out at random intervals. Fire and Abominable Snowmen, they don’t make ’em like they used to. Something Gears Of War definitely lacks. Anyway, it was an addictive thing of beauty.

It’s still available for download – well, if you have a PC that is… Mac users like me will have to make do with mental masturbation over Screenshots, unless anyone happens to know of some kind soul who has done some conversion??

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