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The Horrors – Whole New Way

October 17, 2009

The Horrors @ Offset Festival

So, have you played the Album-of-the-year-contender Primary Colours to death, and are now desperate at the slightest sniff of new material? Yes? Good, we’re on the same page then. The Horrors are due to release new single Whole New Way next month – November 2nd to be precise for all you pedants – which will act as a gloriously satisfying fix til the next hit.

One can see why it was not included on the album, this is not a criticism, far from it. A subtly different sound is at play with a slightly sunnier deposition is evident, a lighter ditty that bubbles along – of course never straying too far from the dark; come on, this is The Horrors after all.

It recalls more Joy Division rather than the Krautrock-influenced nature of Primary Colours. They’ve somehow managed to find time to shoot a video too… aren’t they touring all the time though?? I tried to embed it here, but couldn’t. Ah, you seem like a bright soul, Youtube it yourself.

Available on Digital and 7″ format.

Download: The Horrors – Whole New Way

The Horrors @ Offset Festival

‘I’m Faris Rotter me, or Faris Badwan, I dunno, whatever get’s more Google hits’

(It’s Badwan if you’re wondering by the way. About four times as much)

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